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Tibetan Cranial 


Tibetan Cranial has ancient history that originated in the Himalayan highlands about 3,000 years ago.  Cerebral Spinal Fluid cushions the brain, regulates brain extra-cellular fluid, allows for distribution of neuro-active substances, and is the "sink" that collects the waste products produced by the brain. It is essential for the proper functioning of the central nervous system. CSF purifies neurons and glial cells, delivers nutrients and removes toxic substances from the central nervous system. Even slight cranial trauma, i.e. bumping one’s head on something hard, or more serious situations like car accidents can cause compression or misalignment in the skull. Blood vessels around the area traumatized become inflamed which leads to scar tissue. When CSF encounters scar tissue, it has to circumvent the area.  The nerves on the other side of the scar tissue become compromised and dry out. Dry nerves cause a reduction in nerve transmission.


  • Cranial fine-tuning enables more naturally occurring electricity to move throughout the nervous system.

  • All areas of the brain and spinal column receive more hydration and  information is more readily received throughout neural pathways.

  • By manipulating the cranial sutures and other various places on the head, Tibetan Cranial allows the impeded cerebral spinal fluid to move  more evenly around scar tissue.

  • The brain functions more optimally and is able to send information  to other areas of the body that requires maintenance.

  • By strengthening and restoring the nervous system, chronic pain and other deep issues find the opportunity to transform, and overall well being is greatly improved.


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